Welcome To Zen Head

Zen Head is a boutique meditation studio located in the North Eastern suburbs within the heart of Tea Tree Gully – shop 1/247 Milne Road, Modbury North, Adelaide. At Zen head we have created the perfect environment of calmness and relaxation for you to learn meditation and let your thoughts fade away.

We strongly believe in health and wellness for your overall body; keeping your mind healthy is just as important as maintaining a healthy physical body. Stress is well known as a cause for many health issues within our body and our aim is to alleviate this stress by creating a safe, calm, and welcoming space to educate you with mindfulness meditation techniques.


Zen Head Meditation studio located in Modbury North
Zen Head boutique meditation studio Modbury North

Tea Tree Gully is a short 25 minute commute from from the Adelaide CBD and is situated along the Adelaide foothills. Modbury North offers an abundance of nature with a convenient location, close to Civic Park, Tea Tree Plaza and Waterworld Aquatic Centre. 

The stunning lush green landscape, fresh air, and sounds of wildlife in Modbury North gives the perfect grounding and earthly energy to practice meditation and mindfulness at Zen Head. Zen Head meditation studio connects the community of Adelaide with a sense of peace and belonging by practising mindfulness meditation in Modbury North..

Come and enjoy the breathtaking beauty of Modbury North while you relax and unwind surrounded by a beautiful zen garden courtyard at Zen Head meditation studio.

Benefits of meditation

Meditation is a simple practice that allows us to obtain better health and a happier life. Those who discover meditation also discover the benefits of it. . Here are some benefits of practicsng weekly meditation and how it can positively impact your life: