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5 Ways To Warm Up This Winter

Winter is officially here in Australia and it has been quite cold in Adelaide the past few weeks. I am kidding myself thinking that Summer will be around the corner before we know it, but realistically Summer is six months away. I have to be honest and say that Winter isn’t my favorite season, but I understand it is necessary for the life-cycle of mother earth and the cycle of our body. Winter is the time to slow down, to nourish our bodies and somewhat hibernate.

Winter is  also about resting, going within, finding ourselves and replenishing our body and mind. Below are my favorite ways to help me warm up when its cold.

5 Ways To Warm Up This Winter

One of my favorite ways to warm up is by drinking tea. Not only does it warm you from the inside out, tea helps to boost our immunity during the cold and flu season.

Chamomile tea; calms and sooth our body and mind, promotes sleep and relaxation.

Ginger tea; great for an immune boost, reduces inflammation in the body, helps with an upset tummy. Add a slice of lemon for detoxification and sore throat.

Peppermint tea; aids digestion, reduces stomach bloating, soothes tummy upsets.

Green tea; promotes detoxification within the body. Green tea contains natural caffeine so instead of grabbing a coffee I the morning, brew yourself a cup of green tea.


Turmeric is considered to be the ultimate flu fighter, boosting the immune system and reducing inflammation within the body.
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My favorite recepie:
– 1-2 tablespoon ground turmeric
– Teaspoon cinnamon
– Ground ginger
– Ground nutmeg
– Tablespoon of honey (or Vegan alternate)
– 1 cup of coconut, almond or soy milk
*Combine all ingredients in a saucepan until warmed together.


I personally like using a wheat bag, as I love putting a few drops of lavender essential oil on it and snuggle the warmth while I sleep. The warmth from the wheat bag and the relaxation properties from lavender help me sleep on those cold night’s.


Dry body brushing helps to warm the body by increasing blood circulation. Dry body brushing also increases the detoxification of the lymph glands and improves skin complexion.
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Make yourself a nutritious pot of warm vegetable soup that contains ginger, garlic and tumeric. All 3 of these ingredients are known to support the immune system by having anti inflammatory, anti viral and detoxifying properties.
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