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Welcome to Zen Head

Welcome to Zen Head, boutique Meditation classes located at The Tea Tree Gully Institute Hall, Tea Tree Gully, Adelaide.

At Zen head we have created the perfect environment of calmness and relaxation for you to learn meditation and let your thoughts fade away.

We strongly believe in health and wellness for your overall body; keeping your mind healthy is just as important as maintaining a healthy physical body. As we know stress is the number 1 factor for most health issues within our body and our aim is to alleviate this stress by creating a safe, calm, and welcoming space to educate you with mindfulness meditation techniques.

Our intention is to help guide you through easy meditation practices to restore Zen within your head.

ā€œFinding the Zen within your head doesnā€™t have to be hard when you have the right teacherā€- Tamra

We know that once your body and mind relax then you are able to be fully present within each moment of your day and of your life. Creating stillness is the key to help quieten our busy minds as we learn mediation in a welcoming, tranquil and safe space. Tea Tree Gully Institute Hall located atĀ 333-35 Walters Street creates the perfect atmosphere and ambiance where you can fully relax, let go and just ā€˜beā€™ for an hour or two.

Finding the Zen within your head doesnā€™t have to be hard when you have the right teacher.
- Tamra

Zen Head located at Modbury North

Why Zen Head?

Zen Head offers much more than a place to learn how to meditate in Adelaide, it is a place to retreat and find tranquillity within ourselves

ā€œZen Head Meditation is a welcoming, safe space where you can fully relax, let go and just ā€˜beā€™ for an hour or two.ā€

Zen Head Meditation Studio Adelaide is a community of like minded individuals who are all seeking the same purpose; to alleviateĀ stress and create more relaxation within their busy lifestyles and minds.

Zen Head includes a diverse range of services to help you achieve overall relaxation and happy mind-set. Stress and anxiety can be detrimental to our health and overall wellbeing. At Zen Head you will learn practises to help manage these emotions in a healthy and positive way throughout every-day life. Zen Head offers a safeĀ  learning environment where the individual can let go and become who they need to be for themselves.

Zen Head also supports all spiritual exploration and offers services that support and encourage spiritual growth. There are a range of healing services and teachings available to suit your individual needs.

Zen Head boutique meditation studio Modbury North

About Tamra

Tamra created Zen Head to help bring peace, stillness, and relaxation into the lives of others through Meditation practices.Ā 

Her belief is that looking after your mind is just as important as looking after your body.

TamraĀ has practicedĀ mindfulness meditationĀ for over 12 years. Meditation has given her the opportunity to explore and study differentĀ HolisticĀ modalities to help guide and educate others to reach purpose and meaning within their life.

With her time exploring different forms of meditation she has studied Reiki and Seichim Master Energy Healing, Crystal Healing, Chakra Balancing, and a Holistic approach to one-on-one counselling.

Tamra is an advocate for helping others heal themselves while creating more passion, purpose, and meaning within their lives.

Zen Head Values


Building a conscious community by connecting like minded individuals together.


Using the power of knowledge for the highest good and intention.


Acknowledging that every day is a learning day.


Being kind to ourselves as we embrace the pace of our own journey.


Showing deep respect for ourselves and all sentient beings.


Creating a safe nurturing environment that supports non violent ways.