About Zen Head

About Tamra

Welcome, my name is Tamra and I have been practicing mindfulness meditation for over 12 years. Meditation has given me the opportunity to explore and study different wholistic modalities to help educate others. Within my time practicing meditation, I have studied Reiki and Seichim energy healing, making me a qualified Reiki/Seichim Master.

Crystal healing is another healing modality that I use and have a strong passion for. Using the natural healing properties of crystal's to help balance the seven Chakra's and shift any energetic blocks to help heal my clients.

I also provides one-on-one Transpersonal Couching sessions, during these session you are able to speak freely in a safe and confidential space, to release any built up emotions within your psyche. 

The Story of Zen Head

I created Zen Head due to my passion for mindfulness meditation and helping others. Yes, I’m sure you have heard the term ‘helping others’ before and it might sound a bit cliché, but my passion is helping others for the pure reason that helping others, helps me too.

Mindfulness meditation has been a huge part of my life. Twelve years also when I first became aware of mindfulness meditation and what it actually was, I would never have thought it could change and improve my life as it has done now. I started out at the age of fifteen and was a troubled, confused teenager that had severe issues with anger management. So, my parents took me to anger management classes and unfortunately that didn’t help for me. I saw a psychologist which sadly again my anger didn’t improve. It in fact it made me angrier, due to the fact that I was seeing professionals, attending appointments and no one could ‘fix me.’ So sadly, I gave up and my parents lovingly gave up, thinking to themselves that I will soon grow out of it.

It wasn’t until one day, still at the age fifteen that I saw a sign on a sandwich board saying ‘learn mindfulness meditation’ and this is where my journey began. I learned mindfulness meditation and attended mindfulness classes every week for about two years, until my anger was gone, and I replaced it with stillness.

Now that I have helped myself, I have the strong desire to help you also. You may be suffering from anger, mental health, stresses from your daily life, and haven’t yet found a way to relieve some of these symptoms. This is where Zen Head can assist in teaching you mindfulness meditation and find the Zen within your Head.


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