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Amazing Amethyst

Crystal for the month of February is Amethyst. Amethyst is the birth stone of February (lucky me, this is one of my favourite crystals and also my birth crystal.)

Amethyst has amazing healing properties and healing benefits, plus is
also one the highest vibrational crystals.

Amethyst is associated with the Crown Charka located at the very top of our head. The energy centre of our Crown Chakra taps into our higher self, making it a very powerful stone when used in our meditation practice.

When you wear Amethyst or hold it during your meditation you will instantly feel a sense of peace and calming coming from this crystal, and this is because Amethyst raises your bodies vibration to a higher state. When you are feeling confused, emotional or simply can’t meditate due to racing thoughts, Amethyst will help to raise the vibrational state of your body and mind.

Other benefits of Amethyst include, helping you sleep at night; by placing a small piece of Amethyst under pillow will allow you to have a restful sleep, due to the high vibrational calming affect it has on our bodies.

If you suffer from headaches, wearing Amethyst or placing it on your forehead can release your headache tension. Headaches are due to a blocked Crown or Third Eye Chakra, and this pressure can be released when coming into contact with this beautiful calming stone.

Amethyst also helps to boost your immune system by placing an Amethyst crystal in your water bottle. Yes in your water bottle, it is safe to have Amethyst in your water, in fact it helps to purify your water and lift its