bring the 'zen' back into the workplace!

The Zen Workplace Program is based on Mindfulness Meditation and    Positive Psychology to support wellbeing within the workplace and to create a little more ‘Zen’ within everyone’s heads.

Zen Head provides a combination of stress reduction activities, relaxation techniques, and mindfulness strategies to bring the ‘Zen’ back into every aspect of your workplace.

Our Zen Workplace Program benefits both the employer and as well as the valued employees. Our program allows the employer to take the stress off their shoulders and allows the employees to relax within the workplace, refocus, and concentrate on their tasks at hand.

How does Zen Head create improvements and wellbeing within the workplace?

Benefits For The Employees

Our program aims to support employees on a personal level by teaching them skills that allow them to perform at their highest potential within the workplace. The workplace will benefit by creating a stress free working environment with happier employees. All employees will benefit personally by building and becoming a part of a happier working environment, as well as developing a greater sense of purpose within the workplace, resulting in lower levels of stress, fewer sick days and better time management.

Benefits For The Employer

Employer’s overall wellbeing and stress levels can be effected by their team’s working performance. Having a productive team, higher retention rate and greater success with completing goals and deadlines can remove this pressure and allow the employer to refocus their energy into other important tasks.

a little Zen for everyone

The overall working environment improves for both the employer and their team when everyone involved experiences less stress and finds relaxation, purpose and meaning.

An Overview (Employees)

  • More purpose and meaning as to why they are a part of your company.

  • Greater focus and clarity, therefore are able to multi-task.

  • Greater focus on company vision.

  • Enjoy coming to work with less sick days.

  • Higher success with completing goals and deadlines.

  • Ability to follow policies and procedures with compliance.

An Overview (Employers)

  • Focusing on more important tasks and meetings.

  • Stress reduction which result in greater time management skills.

  • Less micro-managing your employees.


lady meditating in yoga pose

What Is Involved?

Zen Head brings the Zen Workplace program to your office, workplace or staff meeting. Even though the program incorporates stress reduction activities, relaxation techniques, mindfulness strategies and meditation, it is specifically tailored to meet the needs of the individual workplace and everyone involved. The Zen Workplace program can be personalised to include, employee goal setting, company vision, team building excersises, work-life balance and wellness seminars.