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Advanced Training

About Crystal Healing Advanced Training

The Crystal Healing Advanced Certification Course offers an enriching path for those seeking to deepen their healing practice and extend profound healing to their clients.

Prerequisite: Crystal Healing Level 1.

Throughout this comprehensive course, you will explore the intricacies of the 10 Chakra system, the auric field, and the ethereal energy bodies. This immersive journey will equip you with an extensive understanding of alternative crystals, crystal formations, crystal grids, colour therapy, as well as the art of working with essential oils and blending them for holistic healing.

This advanced training combines theory with hands-on practical sessions, you will engage in case study assessments during the course and gain invaluable experience through client case studies upon completion.

As a participant, you’ll receive an Advanced Crystal Healing manual, an assortment of crystals, essential crystal tools, and meticulously crafted essential oil elixirs to enrich your healing collection. Beyond these tangible treasures, you’ll leave with an expanded knowledge base, enabling you to become a more adept and intuitive healer, particularly in the realms of chakras, energy, and client interaction.

crystal healing advanced training course

Course Outline

Understanding and Preparation
– Delve into the theory behind the 10-chakra system.
– Explore the intricacies of energy bodies and the aura.
– Learn to utilize alternative crystals and various crystal formations for healing.
– Uncover the connection between essential oils and chakras.
– Craft essential oil cleaning sprays and elixirs to enhance your practice.

Crystal Healing Techniques
– Develop practical skills for working with crystals in healing.
– Master the art of performing an advanced chakra balance.
– Explore the creative possibilities of crystal grids and crystal nets.
– Harness the potential of crystal wands for healing.
– Establish a professional healing space.
– Learn effective techniques for working with clients.
– Incorporate grounding and protection practices for a harmonious healing environment.
– Integrate meditation and relaxation techniques into your sessions.

Assessment and Practical Application
– Apply your knowledge through a case study assessment.
– Conduct two client case study assessments, to be submitted upon completed training.

This comprehensive training equips you with expertise and practical skills to elevate your crystal healing practice and provide profound healing experiences for yourself and your clients.