Upcoming Events At Zen Head

Saturday 25th June

melt into meditation adelaide event

Melt Into Meditation

Melt Into Meditation is an experience of bliss, as you melt all of your worries and cares away.

Follow the sound of my voice as you relax your mind and slowly melt into your body. You will ‘melt’ through a 2 hour meditation; incorporating mindfulness, body awareness, pranayama breathing, visualisation, sound healing and light language singing.

We finish our practice by coming together to enjoy a warming Zen Tea, oracle card sharing and sweet snacks.

Who is this for? For those who want to:

✔ disconnect from your their busy life
✔ give yourself a moment to rest and finally relax
✔ nurture your soul
✔ relax into a 2 hour calming meditation because an hour is never truly enough
✔ go on an inner journey within
✔ spent time connected with other like-minded people

Sunday 31st July

crystal healing course level 1 event

Crystal Healing Course Level 1

Our Crystal Healing Level 1 Certification Course is ideal for those who want to learn how to harness the natural healing properties and frequencies of Crystals to heal themselves. No prior knowledge is needed to participate in this course.

Throughout this course we will be working with the 7 Main Chakra’s and the associated healing Crystals that integrate with each Chakra, as well as the physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic body systems. You will gain extensive knowledge of the functions of the Chakra system and information on specific Chakra Crystals; their forms, colours and their unique individual healing properties.

On the day you will take home your own set of 7 Chakra Crystals which you will be working with throughout the day and a Crystal Healing manual to refer to. As you work with your own unique Chakra Crystals you learn how to establish and form a bond with your Crystals, this allows you to be a more effective and intuitive healer.


Zen Head Retreat

Zen Head spring retreat coming soon. Waitlist is now open!