Upcoming Events At Zen Head

Monday 25th March

Full moon meditation event

During this 1.5 hour Full Moon Meditation event you be guided to shift and clear energetic burdens that have been holding you back from emerging into your true light.

Throughout this event we will practice full moon writing and journaling, followed by a 1 hour Full Moon Meditation immersion  to help you fully let go of what no longer serves you at the time of the Full Moon.

Afterwards we share oracle cards and Zen Tea, plus you take home a beautiful Full Moon Ritual Kit.

Sat 4th & Sun 5th May

seichim/sekhem reiki


Seichim, derived from the Egyptian word Sekhem, meaning “The Power of Powers,” stands as a sacred, ancient, and advanced form of hands-on healing, intertwined with spiritual light energy. Believed to trace back to Atlantean times, its more modern origins point to its practice by the Mayhan civilization in South America before its introduction to Egypt. Flowing with a nurturing, feminine essence, Seichim is channelled alongside the divine feminine energy of the Goddess.

Our immersive one-and-a-half-day healing workshop encompasses:

– delve deep into the essence of Seichim
– learn about Seichim sacred symbols,
– learn about working with Goddess energy and feminine healing power

– Seichim attunement
– sacred goddess meditations
– energy activation techniques and spiritual tools
–  practical healing sessions to bring you confidence as a practitioner

*Prerequisite Reiki level 2 certificate

Sunday 19th May

mothers day event

During this event you will create an Earth Goddess sensual massage body oil made from, unique essential oils of your choice and botanicals.

This is a fun and creative way to explore what scents ignite your passion, creativity, softness and the Goddess within you.

I will help guide you back to your inner Goddess with a nurturing morning filled with, Goddess body oil making, body connection & self massage, Meditation, Sound Healing, oracle cards, sacred sharing and Zen Tea.

This event it perfect for you to come along with your mum, daughter, aunt, sister or best friend.


Activate Your Psychic Power is a full day immersion that guides you to explore and unlock your psychic and spiritual gifts.

This workshop is for those who are open to spirituality In this workshop you will learn:

-How to protect and cleanse your energy

-The importance of grounding and balancing your energy

-Understand your unique psychic senses and how to use them

-Meet your Guardian Angels & Spirit Guides and how to communicate with them

-How to work with energy and access universal life force energy

-Working with crystal energy -How to read oracle cards and messages within the cards

PLUS immerse yourself various spiritual meditations to raise your energetic vibration.

This workshop is ideal for those who want a hands-on practical approach to experience and develop their gifts in a safe environment.