Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is meditation for me?

Yes is the simple answer!

If you want to increase relaxation, calmness and mental clarity within your life and decrease stress, worries or feelings of anxiety, then meditation is for you. Meditation can be for everyone if you take the time to practice. You may not 'get it' the first time you try to meditate but stillness will come with practice.

How much should I meditate?

Start small and increase the amount of time you meditate. You may want to start by meditating once a week for 10 minutes or maybe nightly before bed to help promote a restful sleep. BUT DON'T overwhelm yourself or put any expectations onto yourself. If you do, you will find yourself avoiding meditation because 'its too hard.'

What can I expect when I go for a healing service?

When you book in for an energetic healing you will experience a combination of Reiki & Seichim Healing as well as Crystal Healing to balance your seven Chakra's.

Firstly you will have the opportunity to consult with Tamra before the session starts and talk about what you would like to get out of your session; if you have any body aches, pains or any built up stress and worries. Then you will be able to relax, laying on a comfortable practitioners bed.

Reiki & Seichim are a hands on healing method, Tamra will be placing her hands either on or above your body to give you the Reiki & Seichim energetic healing. Throughout the session you may feel an energetic shift within your body. No it doesn't hurt, but you may feel hot or cold, tingling or pressure,  this occurs as energy is being shifted.

Throughout the session Tamra will be using placing different healing crystals on your body to help balance and open your seven Chakra's. Each crystal has its own vibrational frequency to help align your Chakra's. You may feel an energy shift as each Chakra aligns.

Sound Healing is used in all sessions. You will be relaxing to music that vibrates at 432Hz, as this frequency helps align the body and promotes healing. Tibetan Singing Bowl's are also used to align each Chakra.

Aromatherapy is used in all sessions. You will experience the lovely smells of various essential oil sprays throughout your session. Each spray corresponds to its specific Chakra and helps to align the body and mind. At the end of each session Tamra will make you a custom take home essential oil roller bottle that you can use daily to help the healing process of recent energy shifts.

How can I join Wednesday night meditations?

Wednesday night meditations are held weekly in The Pinnacle of Zen. Please contact Tamra directly to book and receive the location in Fairview Park, Tea Tree Gully.

How can I find out more about workshops and events?

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