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About Mindfulness Meditation

Meditation and mindfulness are a way of life. There has been extensive research undertaken by Psychology Professionals explaining and proving the benefits of meditation and mindfulness.

The practice of meditation and mindfulness enables the mind to slowdown and return to the present moment. It allows us to connect with the rhythm and pace of our breath, which brings focus and clarity to our thoughts. From regularly practicing mindfulness meditation, we create a healthy stable mind and body.

There have been many researched benefits to meditation, mindfulness and connecting with the breath,  which include:

mindfulness, benefits
  • Reduced pain and enhancement of the bodies immune system
  • Reduces the feelings of depression, anxiety, anger and confusion
  • Regulates blood pressure; increases blood flow and slows down the heart rate
  • Provides a sense of peace, calm and balance within the body and mind
  • Helps control thoughts
  • Reduces stress and tension
  • Increases energy and motivation

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