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Zen Tea sample tubes are a great way to try our Zen Tea without committing to the larger Zen Tea packet size. With 8-10 serves of loose leaf Zen Tea this won’t take up too much room in your kitchen. Our Zen Tea sample tubes are also a popular gift idea to share with your loved ones or friends, to add a little more ‘zen’ to their life.

Dream Zen Tea is a vibrant mesmerising colour changing tea with a refreshing lemon flavour; containing lemon myrtle, butterfly pea flowers and a hint of lavender.

What makes Dream Zen Tea a brilliant blue colour and how does this mesmerising Zen Tea change from blue to purple to pink?

The colour transforming ingredient of Dream Zen Tea is the rich blue butterfly pea flowers. These rich blue flowers contain a high naturally occurring colour pigment that when steeped, transforms your brew into bright blue hues. When Dream Zen Tea is combined with a slice or squeeze of lemon, the pH levels in the tea changes, transforming its colour from a brilliant blue to a vibrant purple, then pink hue.

The intention behind our blue to purple to pink colour changing Zen Tea is to remind you to dream; because anything in life is possible.

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8-10 serves of loose leaf tea.


Lemon Myrtle, Butterfly Pea Flowers, Lavender


LEMON MYRTLE- May help with digestion, can help to relieve sinus issues, headaches and sore throats.
BUTTERFLY PEA FLOWERS-Rich in antioxidents and contains flavonoids.
LAVENDER- The calming effect of lavender in the body may assist with sleep and mood disorders.


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