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Pinnacle Zen Tea is where our Zen Tea collection started and is named after the original meditation space ‘The Pinnacle of Zen.’ Being the first manifested tea in the collection, the intention behind Pinnacle is to bring like minded people together to enjoy a delicious, desserty cup of tea while sharing our meditation experiences within The Pinnacle of Zen.

Pinnacle is a sweet desserty cacao flavour with a nut-like after note. This sweet chocolate, nutty flavour reminds you to embrace the sweetness of life as you reach the pinnacle of your being.

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40-50 serves of loose leaf tea


Cacao Husks, Puffed Brown Rice, Vanilla Bean


CACAO HUSKS- Rich in antioxidants and high in flavinoids which have anti-inflammatory effects.
PUFFED BROWN RICE- Aids digestion
VANILLA BEAN- Promotes a calming and relaxing effect on the body and mind.


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