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Zen Tea sample tubes are a great way to try our Zen Tea without committing to the larger Zen Tea packet size. With 8-10 serves of loose leaf Zen Tea this won’t take up too much room in your kitchen. Our Zen Tea sample tubes are also a popular gift idea to share with your loved ones or friends, to add a little more ‘zen’ to their life.

Zen Garden Zen Tea is a relaxing and refreshing peppermint tea, which contains ginkgo biloba and a hint of lemon myrtle, making this a very delectable tea.

The intention of Zen Garden is to reconnect you to a place of inner ‘zen’. Zen Gardens represent a safe space where you can connect deeper with nature and find peace and relaxation.

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8-10 serves of loose leaf tea.


Peppermint leaves, Ginkgo Biloba, Lemon Myrtle


PEPPERMINT- May ease digestion, may help relieve sinus headaches or sore throats and can improve energy.
GINKGO BILOBA- Is said to reduce symptoms of dementia, rich in powerful antioxidants, may help to reduce fatigue.
LEMON MYRTLE- May help with digestion, can help to relieve sinus issues, headaches and sore throats.


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