Weekly Group Meditations

Weekly Meditations in
The Pinnacle of Zen

Tamra facilitates weekly group meditation classes in The Pinnacle of Zen!

What is the Pinnacle of Zen? I have transformed a beautiful Bell Tent into a sacred meditation space, creating the perfect atmosphere to learn group meditation. My bell tent 'The Pinnacle of Zen' has a maximum capacity for 10 like minded souls, a perfect way to learn meditation in a small comforting group environment.
Group meditation allows you to experience a safe nurturing learning environment, connecting with other like minded people and an uplifting energy and vibe that group sessions hold. You will also have an opportunity to have your say and share your experience at the end of each session, with no judgment or criticism.

I invite you to join this space and learn meditaion with a like minded group, where we sip Zen Tea afterwards.

Weekly Meditations

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