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Tamra facilitates a variety of events and workshops throughout the year, taking the time to 'Zen' and creating a relaxed learning space for like minded individuals.


These workshops include, the Fundamentals of Mindfulness Meditation, Learn about Chakra’s, Working with Crystal’s, Dance Meditations and Dream Interpretation Workshops.

Full Moon Fire Meditation (1)

14th October
Full Moon Meditation

The full moon represents letting go of what no longer serves us and what we no longer need in our life.The Full Moon is a great time to release what is holding us back,cleansing our emotions and cutting any ties. Join me for a powerful cleansing fire ritual and Meditation.

Conscious Women's Circle (1)

28th October
New Moon Women's Circle

At the time of the New Moon it is the time to manifest our dreams and desires for the coming months ahead.

Conscious Women's Circle is a safe and open space for women to come together to talk, learn, share, experience and connect.

By living consciously we experience life more fully, we take ownership of ourselves and we embrace the pace of our own journey.

Past Events



30th July
Crystal Chakra Workshop

Open your eyes to the magic and power that lies within each Crystal. This is a hands on workshop where you will be exploring which Crystal's resonate with you and learning about the associated Crystal's for each Chakra.


15th June
Take The Tine To 'Zen'

Treat yourself to a relaxing and renewing morning, filled with Yin Yoga, Meditation and morning tea snacks.

We are often so busy with life and find it hard to take the time out for ourselves. Today is the day to take this time out and your time to relax. Come as you are, there is no need to bring anything with you as everything is provided.

mothers day event, retreat

11th May
Mothers Day Event

Mamma's its time to love yourself ❤ Join us for a relaxing day of Yin Yoga, Meditation and Morning Tea Snacks!


Dance Meditation

Through Dance Meditation you will be able to dance and move to your body’s own ability, and become entranced in the music. You don’t have to be great at dancing or know how to dance, it is all about finding your body’s natural rhythm and being able to move freely.

Dance Meditation is a great way to express yourself and connect your body with your mind and soul. Through movement, sound, breath and stillness, you allow your body to move the way it wants and your mind to expand.

Learn about Chakra's

Chakra’s are spinning energy centers within the human body that help maintain our spiritual, physical and emotional wellbeing. Blocked energy in any of our seven Chakra’s can lead to illness, disease or emotional suffering. By learning about our seven Chakra’s, you will gain insight and knowledge on how to keep them open, balanced and aligned to improve your physical wellbeing and mental health.

In this Workshop you will learn:

  • What Chakra’s are
  • How to identify each of the seven Chakra’s
  • Know each Chakra’s specific qualities & characteristics
  • Understand how each Chakra is balanced or unbalanced
  • How to balance each Chakra to help your body and mind
  • Receive a Chakra balancing healing to help align your Chakra’s

Learn how to align your Chakra's 


Fundamentals of Mindfulness Meditation

Learn the fundamentals of mindfulness meditation and how to still your mind. This workshop teaches you simple and easy ways to help still your mind while you meditate. Great for beginners that are new to meditation and for those who want to refine their current meditation practice.

You will be learning all the basics of mindfulness meditation, including correct posture and breath exercises during this practical workshop.

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